Why the most suitable freelancers don’t see your tasks?

19 Июн. 2018

It often happens that when our clients don't know the exact price for the job they want to be done, they post a task with a nominal price, let's say 5$, and a note: “Apply, and we'll discuss the price”.

That is not the best tactics and let me explain why.

The thing is freelancers usually filter their task lists not only according to the categories but also according to the price. They have a setting “Task Budget” which allows freelancers to set a minimum task price they are ready to work for. For example, one can choose “I want to see tasks with prices from 10$ and higher”.

It makes sense that many experienced professionals who work mainly on expensive projects usually set this filter to quite a high minimum price. As a result, the freelancers that could be perfect for your job simply don't see your 5$ task as well as your note “We'll discuss the price”. That is unproductive and quite sad! By the way, exactly the same thing happens when you choose a wrong category when posting a task. It's not just a formality. The task category determines which freelancers will see your task.

So what shall a client do when they don't know how much to pay for the task?

  • Look through the prices for similar tasks in our archive of completed tasks.
  • When creating a task you will see a range of prices popular for this category. You can choose one of the suggested variants.
  • It often helps to follow a simple pattern: “A simple job costs 150 per hour, more complicated - 200 per hour, if you need an experienced professional - the job will cost at least 7$ per hour”.
  • Smart search within one site. Type site:https://work-zilla.com/ YOUR REQUEST in Google search bar and you will be given a list of pages with the corresponding tasks from our archive.
  • Set a price that you think is close to the adequate and write in the description of your task that you are ready to pay more if needed (which is very easy to do: you just create an additional task for the freelancer you've chosen).

I really hope these simple tips will help you quickly find a perfect freelancer for any project 🙂


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