Why does it happen that the specialists whom you need don’t see your task?
19 Июн. 2018

It often happens that when our clients don't know the exact price for a certain task, they post a task with a symbolic price writing: “Apply, we will agree upon the price”.

This is not the best tactics and now I will explain why.

The thing is, there are special tools on the site which let freelancers regulate their list of tasks according not only to the specialization but to the price too. In the freelancer’s settings there is a unit “Task Budget”. Here one can move the slider to any number. For instance, “I want to get tasks from 469 rubles and higher”.

It makes sense that many experienced professionals who work with expensive projects mostly put this slider rather high. As a result, the specialists you need simply don't see your task “We will agree upon the price” for 100 rubles. It's sad and counterproductive. By the way, exactly the same thing happens if a client has chosen a wrong category when posting a task. It's not a mere formality. The category of a task determines freelancers who will see your task/errand/assignment.

So what should one do? What should a client do if they don't know how much to pay for the task?

One can look through the prices for similar tasks in our archive of completed tasks.

On the page of placing the task we always show a range of prices popular for that category. You are welcome to use this hint.

Smart search within one site. Type site:https://work-zilla.com/ YOUR REQUEST in the Google search string and the search system will give you a few pages of tasks from our archive.

Post a price even not exact but close to the real one and express your readiness to pay an additional sum of money in the text of the task (it can be done in a very simple way: you create an additional task for the candidate you choose).

Hopefully these simple recommendations will help you to find an ideal freelancer for your every project quicker 🙂

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