How to create the statement of work for a copywriter?

17 Июн. 2018

A brief checklist on what is important to write in the statement of work for a copywriter.

Self-evident things. Framework of the statement of work for any text:

  • Theme, key messages;
  • Length of the text;
  • Deadline;
  • Price;
  • What the text will be used for (for the main page of the website, email to clients, or it will be published in a magazine, etc.)

For rewriting:

  • Source;
  • Requirements for uniqueness;
  • Programme or service which will be used to estimate uniqueness;

For SEO texts:

  • List of keywords;
  • Entry of keywords (direct - when the keywords are not changed in any way, with other words in between them, natural, etc.)

For a selling text:

  • List of your advantages;
  • USP;
  • Key messages for handling objections;
  • Portrait of the TA;
  • The selling text formula (AIDA, QUEST, 4P, etc.) if you have preferences.

Not obligatory but useful additions to any article:

  • Examples;
  • Plan of the article.

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